The sunsets in Friday Harbor are some of the most beautiful in the world. Often times, visitors, and even locals celebrating a special occasion, will request a sunset tour. Our accommodating and friendly drivers will make sure to find you the very best spot for photos. Call ahead to book!
Do you have a big event coming up? Maybe you have family coming into town and you'd like to show them around your home? Let us help! Our friendly, safe drivers will gladly take your party from point A to point B and we will not leave you! Don't get stuck waiting on individual taxis to arrive to leave a location. Schedule a charter with us and we promise to stick by your side.


Friday Harbor is an ideal location for so many big events. Let us help you build those memories! We specialize in group tours because we know how to take care of our clients! If you charter with us, we will not leave you waiting. Check out some of the most popular tour spots on the next page.


Friday Harbor is one of the most magical venues for a wedding. If you are planning a wedding, let us help you transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception. Also, if you are looking for photo  location suggestions, give us a call! We travel the Island daily and know the most beautiful spots for those perfect moments to be captured.